Packing List Enclosed Envelopes

Packing List Enclosed Envelopes



Packing List Enclosed Envelopes

Code# Description Qty/Pack
PR01 4.5×5.5″ 1/4 Panel Pack 1M
PR02 4.5×5.5″ Covered Front Pack 1M
PR24 4.5×5.5″ Invoice & Or Packing List Enclosed Pack 1M
PR06 4.5×6″ 1/4 Panel Pack 1M
PROS 4.5×6″ 1/4 Panel Pack 1M
PR11 7×5.5″ 1/4 Panel Pack 1M
PR12 7×5.5″ Covered Front Pack 1M
PR16 5.5×10″ 1/4 Panel Pack 1M


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