With so much profit at stake for the rest of the year and the holiday season, small and medium-sized e-tailers are looking for e-commerce solutions that both sharpen their competitive edge and give their customers a positive online shopping experience. Enter UPS marketplace shipping – a free tool on ups.com.

Marketplace was created in 2014 to give eBay and Amazon sellers the ability to process shipments, combine orders or complete batch processing. “UPS marketplace shipping puts all of your data in a central location and allows you to view, edit and ship orders seamlessly,” says Michele Cooper, senior manager, UPS Customer Technology Marketing. “And it gives your company access to more discounts with UPS.”

Now, the tool is expanding to include Etsy and BigCommerce. Etsy is a popular website for vintage items and handmade crafts, and BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that helps companies increase sales while streamlining and expanding their businesses.

No matter the size of your company, UPS marketplace shipping can help deliver your products fast while increasing revenue along the way. Here are a few additional benefits of this UPS service: