Textile Cartons

Textile Cartons


tem Type Code# Item# Size LxWxH Bundle Count Unit Count
Clothing Boxes BX4818SW 48-18 SW 48x18x18 N/A 120
Clothing Boxes BX4824SW 48-24 SW 48x24x24 N/A 120
Clothing Boxes BX632124T 63-24 SW 63×20.25×23.5 N/A 120
Clothing Boxes BX4824DW 48-24 DW 48x24x24 N/A 65
Clothing Boxes BX5720DW 57-20 DW 57x20x20 N/A 65
Clothing Boxes BX6321DW 63-21 DW 62.75×20.125×20.5 N/A 65
Clothing Boxes BX6324DW 63-24 DW 63.875×23.5×23.75 N/A 65


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