Mattress Bag

Mattress Bag


Code# Description
MBT Mattress Bag Twin 72/CS Individually Wrapped
MBF Mattress Bag Twin 54/CS Individually Wrapped
MBQ Mattress Bag Twin 48/CS Individually Wrapped
MBK MATTRESS BAG Twin 36/CS Individually Wrapped
MBKPT Mattress Bag King Pillow Top 36/CS Individually Wrapped
MBQUEEN2M Queen Bag Roll 2.0 Mill 60 Bags/Roll
MBKING King Bag Roll 1.5 Mill 100 Bags/Roll
MBKING2M King Bag Roll 2.0 Mill 45 Bags/Roll
MBKING35 King Bag Roll 4.0 Mill 45 Bags/Roll


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