You will be able to transport large, heavy items across smooth terrain with minimal effort. The design of this hardwood dolly features a durable frame for maximum strength that can carry up to 800 lbs. It also has carpeted ends to help keep your things protected while you are moving them. This wood moving dolly comes with four solid plastic casters, so you will never have to worry about inflating the wheels. Each caster swivels to allow for smooth movement even when carrying heavy weights.


Code#Item#DescriptionSize LxWxHBundle CountUnit Count
BXRCU044 CubeCubes4x4x4252000
BXRCU055 CubeCubes5x5x5252000
BXRCU066 CubeCubes6x6x6251350
BXRCU077 CubeCubes7x7x7251350
BXRCU088 CubeCubes8x8x825750
BXRCU099 CubeCubes9x9x925750
BXRCU1010 CubeCubes10x10x1025500
BXRCU1111 CubeCubes11x11x1125500
BXRCU1212 CubeCubes12x12x1225500
BXRCU1313 CubeCubes13x13x1325250
BXRCU1414 CubeCubes14x14x1425250
BXRCU1616 CubeCubes16x16x1625250
BXRCU1818 CubeCubes18x18x1820120
BXRCU2020 CubeCubes20x20x2020120


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