Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap


· All Bubble perforated at 12″
· Anti Static Bubble Wrap available in all sizes
· Rolled Foam available upon request
· Custom perforations available upon request

Code# Description Size Roll/BDL
BW12L Bubble Large 12″x250′ 4 Rolls/BDL
BW24L Bubble Large 24″x250′ 2 Rolls/BDL
BW48L Bubble Large 48″x250′ 1 Rolls/BDL
BW12S Bubble Small 12″x500′ 4 Rolls/BDL
BW24S Bubble Small 24″x500′ 2 Rolls/BDL
BW48S Bubble Small 48″x500′ 1 Rolls/BDL
BWBT250 Tyvek Wrap 48″x250′ 1 Rolls/BDL
BW48SK250 Kraft Bubble 48″x250′ 1 Rolls/BDL
BW12SD Bubble Wrap Small 12” Dispenser Pack 12″x175″ 1 Roll/Box
BW12LD Bubble Wrap Large 12” Dispenser Pack 12″x100″ 1 Roll/Box
FOAM 1848 Foam Roll 1/8″x48″ 1 Roll


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